Spa Rules

  • Remove cover and set to side of spa, please do not lay on ground.

  • DO NOT adjust temperature. It is set at an appropriate range. It is not safe to raise the temperature. You may adjust jets and light button as desired.

  • No glassware, bottles, food or candles or smoking in and around the spa.

  • Please do not use any items such as toys, washcloths or clothing. They can get sucked into the filter and ruin the pump.

  • Do not, under any circumstances, remove the filter cover.

  • Do not add chemicals, soaps, or bubble baths to the spa.

  • It is best for the spa not to wear clothing. If you wish to wear a swimsuit, please rinse it out in the shower prior to getting in spa. Please be sure your skin is free of perfumes, body oils and lotions. Taking a shower is recommended.

  • Do not use any electrical appliances near the spa.

  • No children under the age of 12 allowed in the spa.

  • This is a SPA, NOT a pool. Overuse will affect water quality.

  • DO NOT STAND OR SIT ON COVER. Replacement cost is $400.

  • If excessive cleaning is required there will be a charge.


Spa Warnings

  • Enter spa at your own risk. We will not be responsible for accidents or injury to guests using the spa.

  • Take care in entering and exiting the spa. Ice forms quickly on deck.

  • Those who are pregnant, have heart problems, asthma or poor physical health should not use the spa. Alcohol use increases the intensity of spa use. Please monitor your own health condition before deciding to use the spa.

  • Certain people may have sensitivity to bromine or chlorine. If you experience coughing or itching, leave spa immediately and shower.

  • It is recommended that healthy adults not exceed 20 minutes in the spa.

  • Please inform us if you notice anything wrong with spa or if the water level is below the jets